Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (Ang INK) is the Philippines’ first and only organization of artists dedicated to children’s illustration. 
Ang INK was founded in June 1991, the offshoot of a Children's Book Illustration workshop sponsored by the PBBY (Philippine Board on Books for Young People) and the Goethe-Institiute Manila which was conducted by visiting German book illustrator Reinhard Michl.

Ang INK strives to enrich and elevate the visual art of illustration while contributing to the continued professionalization of the industry. 
While primarily illustrating for children, Ang INK has claimed its place as an organization—creating art not just for children but for all who are young at heart!
We believe that our collective efforts and interaction as practitioners are vital to encouraging the creation, proliferation and appreciation of illustrations for children.
We believe that our concerted efforts provide an effective means for uplifting the quality of illustrations for children.
The primary objective of Ang INK is to encourage the creation, proliferation, and appreciation of illustrations for children.
The specific objectives of Ang INK are to:
• continuously catalyze its members into activity producing illustrations;
• find ways of regularly showcasing the works of its members;
• be a progressive and dynamic organization of visual artists;
• attract, encourage, support, and guide new members;
• provide leadership, clarity, and direction to its members;
• define and promote professionalism among illustrators;
• articulate and protect the rights of illustrators.
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