What is Ang INK?
Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan is the Philippines’ first and only organization dedicated to the creation and appreciation of children’s illustration. We hold monthly meetings, annual exhibits, field trips, talks, workshops, and other creative activities. For more information, visit our about page.
Who is Penpen?
Penpen is our organization’s mascot. He is a larger-than-life pen nib!
Is INK a business or agency? Are you hiring?
No, it is not a business or agency, but a membership organization. INK does do collaborations with businesses and agencies, but INK is a space that urges its artists to collaborate or create for themselves with the intent to share with audiences of all ages, and to spread a love and passion for art making and storytelling through illustration. 
Do you sell anything? Do you carry [member]’s art or merchandise?
Our organization houses several top-tier illustrators that have created work for print, displayed and sold at fairs and exhibitions, and they are free to sell their work as they please! 
But… we don’t sell any of them through our website or other social media channels. However, you can check out the artists in our illustrators gallery and see if they have a personal shop or website! 
Do you have an office/studio? Where is it located?
We don’t have an office, but very often you’ll find us in UP College of Fine Arts having a meeting, holding a talk, or setting up our next exhibit.
What sort of events does INK take part in? 
Members are encouraged to participate in various annual creative events and fairs around Metro Manila like Art in the Park, Book Fair, or Komikon. But there are also INK-led events and workshops that are planned out each year, like the Annual Exhibit and INK talks (We always look forward to these!) 
I have a project in mind and would love to collaborate with INK, how can I propose it?
You can use the form on our contact page, email us at hello@ang-ink.org, or message us through our Facebook page. We’d prefer a nicely-worded email though!
How can I contact your members if I am interested in their work?
You can reach out to them personally! Their and contact details listed on their Illustrator pages.
Where can I buy your books?
You can find the INKies works in various bookstores around the Philippines, or order them off the publishers’ websites if you live abroad. 
Do you hold art workshops for children or adults?
We try to hold at least one workshop or talk that is headed by the Inkies every year, and it’s usually open to all ages! Watch our social media (Facebook and Instagram) for announcements.
Who can join?
Anyone with the talent and passion for creating illustrations for children. No art degree necessary!
Can my child join? What is the minimum age limit to become a member?
The ideal INKie should at least be around 18. They should be looking at the organization as a resource that will help them build connections with like-minded and inspiring creative people to further their career or artistic path. 
But don’t worry! There are many INK events that are specifically geared for children to learn and interact with INKies.  
If I live outside Manila, can I still join?
We definitely won’t stop you! But please keep in mind that a very important part of being a member is attending meetings/events and getting to know other members. If you can commit to that, you are most welcome to apply.
How do I apply?
We post a call for applications once every year, usually within the first few months. Basically, applicants are asked to submit via email the following requirements:
•  Portfolio (compilation of 5 sample works)
•  Accomplished application form
•  A set of illustrations based on that year’s recipient of the PBBY Salanga Prize
•  Please read the detailed instructions accompanying the announcement poster.
What is the membership fee for?
We use the funds for different organizational expenses like exhibit production, subsidies for websites, promotions, events like art fairs, workshops, talks, and monthly meetings.
What are the advantages of being a member?
•  You gain access to our network of publishers, authors, and like-minded people from the children’s book and creative industry
•  You gain invaluable advice from some of the country’s top illustrators and artists
•  You get to be part of our exhibits and other exclusive activities and opportunities
•  You are sure to make new friends (and fans!)
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