Ang INK’s 30th anniversary exhibit, INK Story, invites you to step into the world of Philippine contemporary children’s illustration. Bonded by a common vision and deep camaraderie, the organization’s members offer a glimpse of Ang INK’s life as an organization through artifacts retrieved from personal collections.
Alongside these objects, new and original art showcase each INKie’s style and sensibility in interpreting values, emotions, and experiences that have sustained both the organization and its members these past decades. While primarily illustrating for children, Ang INK has claimed its place as an organization of illustrators—creating art not just for children but for all who are young at heart!
Ang INK was honored to partner with the Ateneo Art Gallery for this exhibit.

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (Ang INK) presents a fresh collection of artwork by sharing personal experiences of their members (INKies) in response to the prompt: “What is your INK story?”


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