To celebrate National Children's Book Day, we partnered with The Philippine Board on Books for Young People to bring you a series of talks and a workshop!
The illustrator is a co-storyteller in a picture book. Pictures convey and amplify the themes and emotions of the story while being bound by the physical limitations of the printed book.
How exactly does the illustrator allow the reader to inhabit the storyworld? This session explores the different techniques an illustrator uses to depict places and spaces in a picture book. Dive into how an illustrator’s stylistic choices inform the story in three notable and award-winning Philippine children’s books.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Wordless picture books have the potential and power to transcend language and cultural barriers and, thus, reach a wide audience. How do illustrators visualize and create the images and worlds within the pages of a book in order to tell a good story? How do we read a wordless picture book?
In this three hour session, participants will create a box diorama using mixed media, showcasing their unique view of the world.
The main prompt for the workshop is “What do you see in your world?” – participants can freely express their perspective, whether real or imaginary, in a 3D, mixed media piece, using a variety of everyday materials.
A mini gallery of dioramas will be created at the end of the session, and participants can take home their own diorama afterwards.


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